PRODUCTIVITY: Forcing change

I write a weekly ezine of news for my fellow Jaspers. In an effort to reduce the amount of time spent on it, I’ve been morphing to different strategies, tactics, processes, programs, and procedures. In an ill-measured trek, I’ve chopped it from a horrendous weekly effort of tens of hours to a hard to measure 90 minutes. One of the big strategy changes was, to instead of collecting text files on my notebook, I created a blog. Each day, when finding something, I’d put an entry on the blog. Slightly less time spent doing that. And, ensuring that I had the entire week’s collections was trivial. All I had to do was cut ‘n’ paste from the blog to the webpage. In changing platforms from LUGGABLE (a dell xps) to MCBA (Mac Book Air), I have now for the first week transitioned completely onto MCBA. Where I used to use Microsoft Word and Filezilla, I now use IWORKPAGES, NVU, and FILEZILLA on MCBA. It’s apparent to me now that I can just use NVU for everything. Next week will be even easier.

Just thought I’d share a lesson learned, just forcing yourself to a better place is often not as bad as it seems.

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