RANT: It’s not a “financial crisis”; it’s a moral crisis!


Glenn Beck: What happened?

October 6, 2008 – 13:01 ET
Glenn’s letter to his family explaining how we got into this economic crisis…
Yes, another email letter from your crazy brother. You raised a lot of questions in your last email and I am going to try to answer all of them.

I think all of your questions fall into three areas: (1) how did we get here; (2) what’s coming; and (3) what can I do to prepare myself and my family.

Consider this email as my answer to your first question, “how did we get here?”. I’ll be sending you 2 more emails answering your other two questions. Since there’s a lot of misinformation out there I will document each of the facts in my emails so you know where I pulled the information from and where you can go to read and learn more.

{Article Continues}

*** end quote ***

A well-reasoned well-documented apolitical (there’s a lot of blame to go around!) piece. Clearly, there are a lot of people who deserve some tar and feathers. Clearly, it ain’t going to change anytime soon. Clearly, not only will NEITHER prez candidate be ABLE to DO anything about it. So what’s some one to do. (1) Get rid of incumbent politicians. Good start. (2) DownsizeDC dot org to slow them down and put them under a microscope. (3) Get ready for a “japan decade” of low growth tight times and look at the stagflation of the Carter years. Morose, yes. Realistic, yes. We need to summon up the Dead Old White Guys for government reform, the courage to start making hard political choices, and good old American ingenuity. We have to THINK our way out of this mess. And, “thinking” is not Washington’s strong suit. Spending is. We have to follow the lead of Andrew Jackson and kill the FED. It’s the root of all evil in that the inflation tax allows COngress to spend money it doesn’t get from taxes. We need them to run an honest set of books. You want a war, pay for it. You want welfare, pay for it. You want spending, where is the tax to cover it. Painful, yes. Necessary, yes. Unavoidable, yes.

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