TECH SERVICE: What is ITtoolbox?

Thursday, July 19, 2007

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What is ITtoolbox?

A community where peers share knowledge about information technology.

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With some LinkedIn type features.


As exclusive as rain, if they’ll have me as a member.


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LIBERTY: Ordained by whom to enforce their wisdom?

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Economists on the Loose
By Walter E. Williams
Wednesday, July 18, 2007

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Free markets are simply millions upon millions of individual decision-makers, engaged in peaceable, voluntary exchange pursuing what they see in their best interests. People who denounce the free market and voluntary exchange, and are for control and coercion, believe they have more intelligence and superior wisdom to the masses. What’s more, they believe they’ve been ordained to forcibly impose that wisdom on the rest of us. Of course, they have what they consider good reasons for doing so, but every tyrant that has ever existed has had what he believed were good reasons for restricting the liberty of others.

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Professor Williams really nails this one single point. Ordained by whom to enforce their wisdom? Love it. You might be right that I “should” do X, Y, or Z. But under what system of morality do you get the right to force me? Ahh yes, you have to love them elites.

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INTERESTING: exception to an amendment to strike money in a spending bill

Thursday, July 19, 2007

July 18, 2007
North to Alaska

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Rep. Don Young attacked his fellow Republicans on the House floor Wednesday, as he defended education funds allocated to his home-state of Alaska.

“You want my money, my money,” Young stridently declared before warning conservatives that, “Those who bite me will be bitten back.”

Young took extreme exception to an amendment by Rep. Scott Garrett (R-N.J.) to strike money in a spending bill for native Alaskan and Hawaiian educational programs.

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I think this sums it all up. It’s the politician’s money; not yours!

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YAHOO ANSWER: sue a doctor

Thursday, July 19, 2007


sue a doctor


Asked by “curlyboy”

can u suit a doctor even if the damage wasn’t permanent and how much time do you have to do it?

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Dear “curlyboy”:

Well, I am not a doc, lawyer, nore do I play one on tv. And, I think it was Mark Twain or Will Rogers or some other cynic said that “medicine is the art of amusing the patient while the body heals itself”. Medicine is a joke! On the people who think that docs ain’t human.

As I understand your question, you’d like to sue a doc for a non-fatal not-permanent injury. Right?

Let me share what happened to me. My wife actually. She had a heart attack and was treated at prestigious Princeton Hospital. They really blew it. They pumped her full of fluids, kept her overnight, and sent her home. She literally gained 13 pounds in less than two days. And she felt like shit. I wasn’t happy so we went to our family doc, who I had never been impressed with, but recognized she was in deep kimshi (Korean smelly cabbage). He sent her right to the local ER, Don’t pass go; don’t collect 200$. They diagnosed her as in congestive heart failure with complications. A thirty day stay and a lot of testing and treatments. They never figured out what her original problem but she was walking and talking. We were pissed to put it mildly. And, consulted with our lawyer. His advice “no harm; no foul”. Non fatal; non permanent; injury debate able. And I had our GP and her cardiologist volunteering to testify because they were upset hat another doctor would make her their problem. She was retired and didn’t die, so he said we might get some “chump change” and have to pay big bux to get it into court. So, we dropped it.

My advice is to “fuggetboutit”.

You can’t possibly be as upset as I was. I’d like to go down to Pton and thrash both cardio docs within an inch of bodily arm. But, some times you just have to cut your losses.

Sorry, wish I could share a better advice, but my advice my answer, is to just move on.

Hope this helps. I’m interested how it works out for you. Drop me a note sometime. My blog may have helpful “stuff”.

Ferdinand J. Reinke
Kendall Park, NJ 08824


My personal experience

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INTERESTING: equal treatment under the government

Thursday, July 19, 2007

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Yay, let’s all have equal treatment under the government! What would that be like?

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The way America is supposed to be?

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