LIBERTY: Interesting how they only “banned” where they didn’t get a cut!

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How dumb can Congress get? Pretty dumb. But Congress is not that dumb. Congress slickly made sure it left internet betting on horse racing alone. It didn’t touch lotteries or domestic casinos. It effectively protected certain forms of domestic gambling while outlawing others forms and foreign competition. Professional football, basketball, and baseball all supported the legislation. The NFL Fantasy game isn’t touched. So what really is the agenda? Looks like some old friends: votes, money, and power. Under “power” I classify all those who sincerely believe in legislating morality as they see it.



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We often say that gubamint is hypocritical. Here’s a classic example. I bet if internet gambling was kicking in 50% of its earnigns to the fed and state then there would be an exception carved out for them as well.


Under the heading of laughing at big gubamint, they cetainly provide enough material!

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