POLITICAL: My impression of Ms. Palin’s speech


What’s a woman have to do to please the liberal media?

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4 Responses to POLITICAL: My impression of Ms. Palin’s speech

  1. Khürt says:

    As opposed to the other side calling anyone who opposes the current administration a “traitor” or “anti-patriotic”? Who’s hysterical?

  2. Phil says:

    Taliban?!? That is the type of frantic lefty histeria that will lose the election for Obama. Please keep it up. Please!

  3. Khürt says:

    I have no problem with women in politics. They mayor of my township is a woman and so is the deputy mayor. I have voted for them 3 terms in a row.

    Sarah Palin would turn the country into a place that would make the Taliban look like mild mannered men.


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