RANT: Appealing to the UN Commission on the Status of Women; what gigantic joke!

Friday, March 4, 2011


Holy See defends marriage, family life before UN commission on women
March 02, 2011

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The Holy See’s delegation defended marriage and family life and condemned discrimination against women during a February 28 meeting of the UN Economic and Social Council’s Commission on the Status of Women.

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That’s a colossal waste of time. (Although Betty White’s language might be much more appropriate.)

India, Iran, Turkey, Syria?

Countries and religions well known for their poor treatment of women.

In recorded history, what civilization permits femicide — in all sorts of ways.

It’s contra-survival. It’s immoral. It’s cutting down on genetic diversity. It’s stupid. It’s seen in no other species.

It’s a path down a dead end street. Like abortion. Like the Shakers. It leads to extinction.

China has a problem because they have socially engineered their way into not having enough women. Good for them. They need a few social problems to work on.

Now, personally, as a little L libertarian, they can do whatever they want in their section of the world. The USA should be like Switzerland. Don’t ask us, we’re neutral. Everyone has to fight for the rights they want to preserve.

“Governments are instituted among men to secure these rights …”

But don’t plan to import your brand of craziness here. We have enough of our own nuttiness! Or haven’t you seen our post office, listen to our radio. or talk to our politicians?

Frankly, in the competitive world market, I’m glad when our competition ties half their population in mental bondage. Imagine if all those women were doing their thing we might have to worry. The phrase “if momma ain’t happy, no one is happy” comes to mind.

And, women have the power to change the world for peace if they ever decide to use it.

Permit me a quote:

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Miss Abigail: “No, Miss Marie, in our new world run by women, there will be no sex discrimination. We control the box.” With no hint of self- consciousness or shame.

Miss Marie: “Dear, that’s not a nice way to say it. And, box is very crude. I’m sorry I used it but I was … incensed that war should happen. Maybe you could say ‘we control the future generations’?”

Miss Abigail: “OK, but those balls will be blue before I let my man start another war.”

Knowing she’d done all she could, Marie said, “When this is all over, we should talk my dear. We should really talk. Now away with you. Carefully mind you.”

*** end quote ***

— a conversation between ‘Miss Marie’ and ‘Miss Abigail’ in CHURCH 10●19●62 Volume 1 Page 263

Yes, I squeezed every concept I believe in into my novel.

But, I truly believe every word I put into Miss Abigail. When women assume their proper station and role in the world, it will become a much more peaceful place.

Donna Nobis Pacem!

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INTERESTING: Saudi girl, 13, sentenced to 90 lashes

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Saudi girl, 13, sentenced to 90 lashes after she took a mobile phone to school
By Mail Foreign Service
Last updated at 12:45 AM on 21st January 2010

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A 13-year-old Saudi schoolgirl is to be given 90 lashes in front of her classmates after she was caught with a mobile camera phone.

The girl, who has not been named, was also sentenced to two months in jail by a court in the eastern city of Jubail.

She had assaulted her headmistress after being caught with the gadget which is banned in girl schools, said Al-Watan, a Saudi newspaper. The kingdom’s use of such punishments has been widely condemned by human rights organisations. (snip) The punishment is harsher than tha (sic that) dished out to some robbers and looters. Saudi Arabia is the world’s leading country in the use of torture-by-flogging, public beheadings and publicly crucifying condemned prisoners.

*** end quote ***

This is shocking. It offends my sensibilities. And, I’m an ijineer!

Now I have run into children that I’d have liked to give lashes too, but never 90. Never even one. It’s just a brief idle daydream. Maybe for cell phone abuse.

No one has the right to inflict pain on anyone. Any child, no matter how annoying, no matter bad the transgression, no matter how … … how frustrating deserves to be treated this way.

Where are the women’s libers? Where are the politicians?

Gooferment only has ONE purpose: to protect its citizens and residents from aggression. In a primitive society, one step away from extinction, one can expect brutality to ensure compliance necessary for group survival. In an advanced civilization, brutality is inefficient and ineffective.

We, The People, need to instruct our Gooferment that (a) that’s unacceptable; and (b) they need to exert some moral pressure to help the bozos see the error of their ways. Perhaps, PNGing (Persona Non Grata) male Saudi Ambassadors until they send us a woman as an ambassador might get our point across.

No man can be free until all men are free?

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