INTERESTING: Infringe on one right; infringe on them all

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Police Handcuff NBC Chicago Photojournalist
Police release media members after about 10 minutes
By Zach Christman|  Monday, Mar 19, 2012  |  Updated 6:32 AM CDT

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“Your First Amendment rights can be terminated if you’re creating a scene or whatever,” the officer said.

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Sounds like the kops needs some sensitivity training.

“Released after ten minutes” sounds like some realized the big time screw up!

If they were trespassing, what is the “barbara streisand” about fail to press charges.

Sorry, but this stinks.

We expect that the Fourth Estate, The Press, will give us the facts. Their RIGHTS are as inviolable as ours. An attack on that RIGHT is an attack on all our rights.

What will that kop say to you if he doesn’t like your lack of deference to his exalted status? “Your Right to Life can be terminated any time I choose.”


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