TINFOILHAT: Jesse Ventura — tfh or an ominous warning


Ventura vs. ‘The View’
by David Kramer

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The unstoppable Jesse Ventura takes on the yentas of “The View” as they lamely attempt to discredit what he exposes in his book American Conspiracies.

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Particularly insightful was his comment on the “lone wolf assassins”. Unsuccessful at everything else in their lives; spectacularly successful at this one assignation.

Spot on?

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TINFOILHAT: JFK – LBJ connection


Jackie Kennedy believed LBJ had her husband killed new tape shows
Interview also reveals her affair with actor William Holden
By CATHAL DERVAN, IrishCentral.com Staff Writer
Published Monday, August 8, 2011, 6:48 AM
Updated Monday, August 8, 2011, 9:51 AM

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Jackie Kennedy believed Lyndon B Johnson was behind the 1963 assassination of her husband John F Kennedy.

Sensational tapes recorded by the First Lady months after the President’s death are to be released ahead of schedule by her daughter Caroline.

In the tapes, to be broadcast by ABC, Kennedy reveals her belief that Johnson and a cabal of Texas tycoons orchestrated the murder of her husband by gunman Lee Harvey Oswald.

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Still think that there’s nothing to be found?

Smoke and fire.

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TINFOILHAT: JFK — is the Zapruder film a fake?


Who’s telling the truth: Clint Hill or the Zapruder film?
Agent’s reports contradict JFK film, autopsy X-rays and other crucial photographs
Jim Fetzer

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The limo stop—during which JFK was hit twice in the head, once from behind and once from in front—was such an obvious indication of Secret Service complicity that it had to be taken out, which is undoubtedly the principal reason for fixing the film. But it had other ramifications. What Clint Hill has consistently described is not in the Zapruder film: he describes several actions in those seconds around the limo stop that were deleted from the extant film. In editing the timeline of the extant film, it was necessary to delete his pushing of Mrs. Kennedy back into the seat—there just wasn’t enough time left in the film once the limo stop had been deleted. There is no possible way in which Clint could possibly have seen what he claims to have seen before the car accelerated away and passed the lead car when he was stuck on the back of the speeding limo as he is shown doing in the extant film. And from his initial reports right up to his latest “book signing” interview, he has insisted that that was when he saw those things, that he did reach Mrs. Kennedy and that he did push her down into the car, unlike what the film shows. Which means that the film is a fake.

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Clearly, the truth isn’t out.

The importance is in the coverup.

Who knew what; when?

Maybe we’ll never know.

Crime pays. Criminals escape.

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TINFOILHAT: JFK seems to have opposed the shadow government?


JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters
by Edward Curtin

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He (James Douglass) says it best: “The extent to which our national security state was systematically marshaled for the assassination of President John F. Kennedy remains incomprehensible to us. When we live in a system, we absorb and think in a system. We lack the independence needed to judge the system around us. Yet the evidence we have seen points toward our national security state, the systemic bubble in which we all live, as the source of Kennedy’s murder and immediate cover-up.”

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This tale is stunning. I have no idea what the truth is, but the “official story” is “barbara streisand”!

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