GOVEROTRAGEOUS: “Stadium Deals” should be outlawed!

Saturday, December 22, 2018


Ex-Marlins President Brags About Fleecing Fans, Taxpayers in $1.2 Billion Team Sale

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At this point, every single person who worked for the Miami Marlins when Jeffrey Loria owned the team should be under strict FBI surveillance. Robert Mueller should be stalking these people. They keep revealing themselves to be vampires.

Case in point: Loria’s former team president, David Samson, hopped onto a stage at ESPN personality Dan Le Batard’s birthday party over the weekend and bragged about fleecing Miami taxpayers and sports fans after Loria sold the team for literally a billion dollars. Samson then flipped off the crowd. Had there not been security, he might have been guillotined, though Le Batard and Samson now claim that this was some sort of planned “skit.” If true, the skit sucked.

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When will “We, The Sheeple” realize that the politicians and bureaucrats do NOT have the Taxpayers’ best interests at heart.

Surely, there must be some way to “claw back” these ill-gotten Crony Capitalist “gains”.


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