GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Mexican police and “justice” fail!

Roxana Ruiz, who strangled her rapist, sentenced to 6 years in prison, activists slam decision
By Snejana Farberov  — May 17, 2023 1:27pm 

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Ruiz fought back and struck him in the face, causing a nosebleed.

The man then allegedly threatened to kill her.

In the struggle that followed, Ruiz grabbed a T-shirt and used it to strangle her attacker.

In a panic, Ruiz stuffed the man’s body in a bag and dragged it out to the street, where passing police caught her red-handed.

Despite telling police she had been raped and acted in self-defense, Carrera said a forensic exam was never taken — a crucial step in prosecuting sexual violence cases.

Instead, an officer allegedly told Ruiz that she probably wanted to have sex with the man at first and then changed her mind.

“I regret what I did, but if I hadn’t done it, I would be dead today,” Ruiz said in an interview last year.

“It’s evident that the state wants to shut us up, wants us to be submissive, wants us closed up inside, wants us dead,” she added.

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Why are the police deciding not to do a “rape kit”?

If the facts as stated are correct, then this appears to be a miscarriage of justice.

Maybe she showed bad judgment but 6 years?



Women’s rights groups have repeatedly accused Mexican authorities of revictimizing survivors and failing to judge cases with a gender perspective.