HEALTH: Viagra and Cancer – YouTube — and the FDA & AMA?

Sometimes it can take years for serious side-effects to be recognized, so rather than just covering up symptoms with drugs, we should treat the underlying cause with lifestyle changes whenever possible.

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A reason why the FDA should be an ADVISORY agency.  That is, award the FDA “Good Housekeeping” seal of approval to those drug candidates that follow their regime.

Other drugs, not following their process, would be “Doctor and Buyer Beware”.  But as we see from this example, and many others, ALL drugs are “Buyer Beware”.

Maybe the ability to sue should be differentiated by “FDA approved” and “non-FDA approved” in some way.

In any event, it’s time to have the separation of Gooferment and Medicine.

Maybe the AMA’s monopoly on Doctors should be eliminated also.

If we trust a “shade tree mechanic” with our cars, then maybe we can trust out lives to a “Nurse Practitioner”?  Wait a minute, wait a minute, when I go to the “Doctor’s Office” sometimes the only people I see are the receptionist, the Nurse, and the Nurse Practitioner. Is the doctor even in the building or out playing golf?

Hmmm, seems like there’s a lot of streamlining needed. No wonder costs are out of control.

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