POLITICAL: “Voter Fraud” is a fact of political life


Let’s Get Real About New Hampshire Voter Fraud

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NH1 News seems to be the only statewide media, other than bloggers, interested in the possible loss of a US Senate seat to voter fraud.

Finally, Secretary of State William Gardner is beginning to open the door to the possibility of voter fraud affecting statewide elections in NH. It is a breakthrough even though the numbers he uses are not what they seem.

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Is anyone investigating the people who showed up to vote same-day with zero identification? That would be the ones who we take a picture and affidavit from? That wasn’t clear from Gardner’s interview.

I think if we used real numbers, instead of conveniently dodging the total amount of out-of-state voters, the number of people we need to investigate might be a bit higher than 458.

When this investigation is over it would be nice to see the names of the 480 ghost voters who might have swayed a US Senate race in NH.

Oh, but that public information is not public, nor is our taxpayer-payed-for statewide voter database, as they are in many other states – so how would anyone find out?

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When I think of “voter fraud”, I think of Chicago, Philly, NYC, or LA. Not NH.

Maybe that’s a global issue.

What’s wrong with requiring voter registration in advance and a photo id requirement?

You can’t get on a plane nowadays without it.


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LIBERTARIAN: New Hampshire Libertarian Party as an exemplar


NH Libertarians Officially Recognized as Party For First time in 20 Years + “Free Staters” Win 15+ State Rep Races
by Ian | Nov 9, 2016

NH State HouseLibertarians Had Major Successes in NH 2016 Elections

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The national election is just a sideshow. Nothing of substance in DC will change in the next four years and I predict Trump will ultimately disappoint those who think he’s somehow an “outsider” or “anti-establishment”. Meanwhile, the left is MAD and secession will grow into a serious idea for many of them as they begin to see the value in breaking away from the United States. Indeed, Californians already held a #CalExit rally on the Sacramento statehouse grounds today!

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I am pleased to have been part in this epic victory. 

Maybe New Hampshire can lead the way to a “new” Libertarian Party as the “Party of Principle” and the “Party of Peace”?

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POLITICAL: Revenge is a dish best severed at the next election — RINOs


WASHINGTON (AP) — The 64-35 roll call Friday by which the Senate approved the two-year budget and debt deal and sent it to President Barack Obama.

A “yes” vote is a vote to pass the measure.
Voting yes were 44 Democrats, 18 Republicans and 2 independents.
Voting no were 0 Democrats and 35 Republicans.

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Republicans Yes

Alexander, Tenn.;
Ayotte, N.H.;
Barrasso, Wyo.;
Capito, W.V.;
Cochran, Miss.;
Collins, Maine;
Cornyn, Texas;
Graham, S.C.;
Hatch, Utah;
Kirk, Ill.;
McCain, Ariz.;
McConnell, Ky.;
Murkowski, Alaska;
Roberts, Kan.;
Rounds, S.D.;
Thune, S.D.;
Tillis, N.C.;
Wicker, Miss.

Republicans Not Voting
Vitter, La.

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So I guess we know who stuck that dagger into the Taxpayer’s heart and the Republican Voter’s back.

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LIBERTY: Progress in NH


Libertarian Free State Project elects four of its members to the New Hampshire State House of Representatives — Ridley Report

Low tax activists amend Rochester, New Hampshire charter to cap all spending increases to the rate of inflation — Union Leader

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The Free State Project is showing some results in New Hampshire!

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