RANT: Who created Al Q?


December 31, 2011

Hillary Clinton Admits That the U.S. Government Created Al-Qaeda
Posted by David Kramer
on December 31, 2011 02:21 PM

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By the way, Clinton lies (big “surprise”) when she says that the Soviets’ war with Afghanistan led to the collapse of the Soviet Union. This is what led to the collapse of the Soviet Union—and all other countries that choose a command market over a free market economy. (And even a mixed economy that all countries—yes, that includes the United States—now have will eventually collapse unless they move toward a free market.)

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Now how is that any different than Ron Paul on “blow back”?

Empires always go broke. It’s unsustainable. Portugal, Spain, France, England, Russia, Ottoman? Miss any? Ottoman did the best because they stayed on a commodity money.

Why should the USA be any different?

We’re broke by any measure.

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