MONEY: Ahhhhh, the ignorance of yute; what DO they learn in Gooferment Skrules

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Do I need an emergency fund?

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Uncle Grumpy

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Oh I have navy federal credit union, usaa and state department federal cu. Any one in particular u think is better?

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Do a spreadsheet comparison of the factors that matter to you:

cu1 cu2 cu3

* Easy to do biz (atm location, fees)

* Share interest rate

* Can I have sub accounts

* Auto loan rates

* Home loan rates

Then pick one and stick to it. I’d keep a minimum deposit in the others to preserve your eligibility. That a mistake I’ve made.

Then you need (imho):

(1) Emergency Fund (Roach motel — money goes in but never comes out). Priority One uber alles. You’re a hard case to figure out the right amount. But at the minimum, I call it one year at your Minimum Burn Rate (see blog).

(2) Car amortization fund (See blog post on 6 year car payment so that you have the money to buy a new one when your current ride dies.)

(3) If you’re a “monthly” paycheck to paycheck (which is what it sounds like to me), then annual and quarterly bills need a “monthly” “bill”. For example if car insurance is $1200 per year, then you must “pay” the subaccount $100 / per month.

If you’re a “weekly” gal, subsitute as needed. If you’re a bi-weekly, the math is slighly more complex. In the example, $1200 / 26 = $38.50.
And, “monthly” bills are multiplied by 12 then divide by 26. (Hint: It’s 46%) You must get to the point, where you’re ahead to annualize.

Getting off the paycheck to paycheck is essential.

(3) You like to travel, you need a subaccount to “tax” yourself for you next trip. Take your last trip, if you know what it actually cost I’d be surprised. Guesstimate divide by the number of paychecks and that’s your “tax” for that. You may not be able to afford that, so either scale back the trip or stretch the duration until the next one.

(4) “Sinking funds” for any expenses that can’t be accurately estimated (very few of those) and who’s frequency can’t be predicted (very few of those).

Hope that helps,
Uncle Grumpy

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MONEY: How can anyone not count food and gas in the CPI?

How’s that “change” working out for you?
Sunday, February 5th, 2012
Posted by Ed Mattson

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These government “number slingers” are the same bunch that tells you the Consumer Price Index increased 3.0 percent before seasonal adjustment to end 2011. Let’s see… 3% inflation. Do you really believe that? Have you been shopping lately? Have you purchased gasoline or diesel for your vehicle so you could go to work (if you still have a job)? Oh, that’s right.  THEY DON’T COUNT GAS AND FOOD IN THE INFLATION RATE!  I guess we don’t need food or gasoline.

In most families the women do most of the grocery shopping right? Men usually aren’t always up to current grocery store prices. Next time anyone talks about politics and how things are going, just ask them if they have purchased ten pounds of potatoes this past year, or stopped in at a gas station.  In 2009, 10 lbs of potatoes cost about $3.50 in Western Michigan (about $3.00 at Wal-Mart). Today the cost is over $5 any place you want to shop. Gas was $1.79/gal when Obama’s entourage slithered into Washington and today, down at the local discount gas station here in North Carolina, it’s $3.59. Is it any wonder they DON’T CALCULATE FOOD AND GAS INTO THE CPI?

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Excellent point. If they did then they’d have to give a COLA to all the old folks.

It’s like the scam with ZERO interest rates by the FED. That keeps Uncle Sam’s 15T$ debt as a near zero expense.

When do “We, The Sheeple” wake up?

When does the World wake up?

You’ll know the scam is over when we have to pay for oil in gold or someone else’s national currency.

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