POLITICAL: More medicare fraud


Medicare-claims fraud suspected for penis pumps
By Stephen Dinan
The Washington Times
Tuesday, June 19, 2012

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A new report by federal auditors says a Kansas-based company may have paid out as much as $4.2 million in potentially fraudulent Medicare claims for penis pumps, and the auditors are asking the company to refund the government the money.

The Health and Human Services inspector general said it sampled 100 claims made with Pos-T-Vac, the Dodge City-based penis-pump manufacturer, and found improprieties in more than half of payments for what are known as “male vacuum erection systems.”

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Why should anyone be surprised?

The topic is funny.

I renew my claim that a 1% deductible paid by the insured would solve this problem completely.

Ever seen a bunch of old folks split a check?

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