INTERESTING: The NFL schedule is like horse race handicapping

Sports | May 12, 2023 12:12 pm

NFL Schedule Predicts That These Four Teams Will Stink

  • Only four of the league’s 32 teams are not scheduled for a primetime game
  • The NFL doesn’t think Atlanta QB Desmond Ridder is ready for primetime.

By Evan Bleier @itishowitis

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The release of the full NFL schedule on Thursday night revealed that the league is planning to have three editions of Monday Night Football that will feature two games being played simultaneously in primetime. It’s an interesting strategy and will force fans to choose between Saints-Panthers and Browns-Steelers in Week 2, Eagles-Buccaneers and Rams-Bengals in Week 3 and Titans-Dolphins and Packers-Giants in Week 14. 

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As I have said many times, the schedule determines the fates of teams.  It’s not a random draw; in a sense, it’s like horse race handicapping.  Hard to repeat when the table is tilted against you.  That make some teams’ records interesting.

Word to the wise, don’t bet against the handicapper or on anything that talks.