POLITICAL: Some ideas to get the Gooferment under control


The Worst Form of Government
9/12/2022, 9:27:23 AM · 17 of 17

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Excellent and very important points. At the very least there have to be more checks placed on power, at all levels. Term limits are essential, but is just one of many, many things that have to change.

As an incomplete but initial list I would place:

1. Strict irreversible term limits, with a cap on the total number of cumulative years in all offices combined (NO CAREER POLITICIANS, EVER). This should include heads of agencies etc., (e.g. no Anthony Fauci type careers).

2. Each and every agency has to have hiring done by a revolving citizens committee and cannot do their own hiring, ever. It’s an essential step to prevent a deep state bureaucracy.

3. No guaranteed government pensions. Every government employee should be on a 401K type plan like the rest of us.

4. All government salaries, at all levels should be determined by a public vote.

5. No city or region in the nation can have more than 2 government agencies, and the locations of those agencies should reflect the regional diversity of the nation.

6. Absolutely no insider trading of any type. Those holding federal office cannot hold or trade securities (etc.) unless done within a private trust that they have no input into or intimate knowledge of.

7. Voting must be done in person, except for the military, with at least 2 official forms of identification. Knowingly participating in fraudulent voting at any level is an automatic unappealable year in prison, at minimum.

These are just an initial list. There are many, many more things that have to be addressed and codified. In general, being in public office should have very, very few perks, and the fundamental principle that all in public office are employees who serve at the pleasure of the citizens needs to be front row and center and in the face of anyone who wants to pursue public office at any level. The stature of politicians should be no more than anyone else in society.

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And what makes anyone think that politicians and bureaucrats would ever allow this to pass into effect?



Chicago’s pension funds looking more like a collapsing Ponzi scheme | Wirepoints

A falling population means the city’s massive pension debts are falling on a smaller base of taxpayers. That’s bad news enough.

But another key demographic – the ratio of active government workers to pensioners – is even more concerning.That ratio, which equaled 1.4 actives for every pensioner in 2005, has collapsed to nearly 1.05. And if the trend continues, in just a year or two there will be more pensioners draining money from the pension funds than active workers putting money in.

Source: Chicago’s pension funds looking more like a collapsing Ponzi scheme | Wirepoints

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Can you spell “unfunded liabilities”?

Clearly, this is the USA’s problem writ large!

The current 121T+ national debt and the guesstimated 200T+ in unfunded liabilities is something that our posterity will have to deal with; not just the Chicago / Illinois taxpayers.

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POLITICAL: Let’s get the “unfunded liabilities” out of the shadows


Milton Friedman’s Solution for Social Security Would Work for Government Pensions Too
By Lawrence J. McQuillan  •  Tuesday October 20, 2015 3:16 PM PDT  

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Friedman’s approach to Social Security can also be applied to ending the state and local government pension crisis. The programs are very similar: Social Security and state and local public pensions have massive unfunded liabilities; and they promise a stream of benefits after retirement.

Applying Friedman’s solution, state and local governments across the country would close their defined-benefit pension plans and issue bonds to beneficiaries equal to the current expected value of the stream of benefits owed. The bonds would be due today or at retirement depending on the beneficiary’s stage of life.

As with Social Security, this approach would ensure that people receive what they have been promised. It would force governments to acknowledge the true extent of the unfunded pension liabilities and establish a specific financing plan (something they refuse to do today). And it would permanently close these politically mismanaged defined-benefit plans.

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The current 18T+ national debt and the guesstimated 200T+ in unfunded liabilities is what our posterity will have to deal with.

“When there’s an elephant in the room introduce him!” From his “Last Lecture” by Randy Pausch (RIP 2007 at age 47)

Just pretending it’s an “off balance sheet” entry is reminiscent of Enron.

Take the medicine now when it’s just disgusting; rather than dies a horrible death from a self0inlicted wound.

Take off the blinders and wake the flock up. 

“We, The Sheeple” are heading for a slaughter!

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