TECHNOLOGY: Domain Name price increase sparks “clean up”

Guess I have to begin to get organized about my domains. 

I’m a great believer in the “spaghetti theory” of domains. Have a great idea? Throw up a domain or two and see what sticks. 

For every “box of nickels” and “box of nickles”, there are a lot of “memetaxonomy”, “auntie collector”, and “ram 1968”. 

With the price increase, the cost of being sloppy in going up. 

Perhaps, there’s a better deal for registering domain names?

But first one has to have a list of one’s domain names.

Last time I got this bug was when I thought that GODADDY’s soft porn advertising campaign was worthy of some moral outrage. It was bait and switch cause the uncensored version didn’t really show anything …

(Yes, all men are pigs. And, I had to do penance for that near occasion of sin. Just seeking it, as of course a purely IT research activity, was deemed by my priest as “really?”. Can’t get anything by him.)

… and wasn’t even funny!

So, now I have the bug again. 

Let the domain hunt begin! 


(Thus demonstrating I have no life. When a tiny price increase gives my life real meaning. Sort of one step short of those “extreme couponers”?)

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Customer ID: 9113251

Dear Ferdinand Reinke,

1&1 Internet Inc. appreciates your business and strives to consistently provide the best quality domain and web hosting services to our customers.

We are writing today to inform you that as a result of recent price increases by
the major domain registries, we need to increase the annual
rates for .com domains. In order for 1&1 to stay
competitive and continue to offer you excellent services, we have made
the following adjustments to our pricing structure.

For domain renewals and new orders as of 07/01/2012, the following domain
rate changes will apply:

*.com domain renewals will be increased from $9.99
to $10.99 per year.

The new price for your domain(s) will be applied to your next domain
renewal after July 1, 2012.

1&1 is committed to offering very competitive prices and professional
services in the domain environment and we hope to continue to meet and
surpass your service expectations.


This price change does not affect any free domains included in your package.



If you have any questions or concerns regarding your account, please contact
our support representatives and they will be happy to assist you.
So that we can reply as quickly as possible, please contact us via e-mail

Thank you for choosing 1&1 and we look forward to your continued


Your 1&1 Team
1&1 Internet Inc.

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P.S., SPS (i.e., Self Praise Stinks)! “excellent services”? Never, even if true, throw your own bouquets. imho!

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TECHNOLOGY: LIFELOCK teaches care in the use secondary passwords for primary password reset

How Identities Are Stolen
When it comes to identity theft, the first step in protecting yourself is learning what thieves are doing to steal your personal information.

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Interesting that LIFELOCK doesn’t have their commercials on their websites. GODADDY, boo hisss sopa-lover, integrates their hyper-sex commercials with their website (i.e., the TV commercial points to the X-rated version and the website has both the TV version and the “X-rated one. I’d dispute the X rating. Yeah, they sucked the lecherous me to watch. I, of course, did it from a technology and moral arbiter pov. Just so you didn’t have to endure it.) LIFELOCK misses the opportunity to reinforce their message.

MORE interesting, is that LIFELOCK’s TV commercial points out the flaw in what I’ll call secondary authentication and what the banks call “easy password recovery”. Argh! Those “password reset” questions are really passwords controlling the reset function. Mother’s Maiden Name, Date of Birth, Pet’s Name.


Absolute stupidity.

I know why the banks and others do it. They don’t want the expense of fielding a telephone call for a password reset. (When I was at CSFB, I figured each one cost “me” 45$. I figured a clever way to “solve” that problem at ZERO cost. Hire me and I’ll share it.)

So, how does the average User defend themselves?

(1) Never ever use these resets for the named purpose? For examples, “Mother’s Maiden Name” for me might be “TAYLOR_SWIFT”; DOB for me is 10/19/62 (Cuban Missile Crisis); Pet’s name is “58#ae#MK#Es#82”. All carefully captured on paper.

(2) Use a tool like LASTPASS, KEYPASS, or 1PASSWORD for NON-FINANCIAL uses.

(3) Use real passwords that you memorize or write down in your calendar or note book for FINANCIAL sites.

(4) Always insist that FINANCIAL institutions or SERVICE PROVIDERS send you a paper bill. Upon receipt, take the statement and review it. Initial EVERY page.

(5) Never permit any one or any thing to have direct access to your financial accounts. (Made that mistake once.)

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