CLOUD: My desire to leave the Apple / Microsoft “jail” is hindered by these functions or programs

Saturday, May 2, 2015

TO produce my Jasper Jottings:

  • BlueGriffon — to compose HTML
  • MARSEDIT — to capture my daily Jasper Jottings blog
  • FileZilla — to post it
  • Mail chimp — web-based service
  • Yahoo Group — web-based service 

TO produce my blog:

  • MARSEDIT —blog posts
  • TEXEXPANDER — for quotes and shorthand

Other functions

  • iMessage — for texting
  • Opera Mail — for yet another Mail program and rss feeds
  • PROXPN — for privacy on public wifi
  • LIBRE OFFICE — microsoft compatibility
  • CLIP MENU — for cut and paste memory 
  • DOXIE — for scanning
  • FACETIME — for video calls
  • FITBIT CONNECT — for tracking
  • FORMAT MATCH — cut and paste format free text
  • LASTPASS — password generation
  • SCRIVENER — for writing; constrained by disk space
  • PHOTO — space constrained

Any suggestions?

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SERVICE: FACETIME on Apple platforms is marginally better than a cellphone

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I’ve been playing with FACETIME at the behest of a youngster related to me. Other than LUDDITE, no one I know uses it.

It presents some interesting challenges for parents and guardians.

It opens up a whole new attack surface for predators and peers. While it gives the FACETIME User the undivided attention of the person they call, it does create: (1) an uncontrolled access to the two people FACETIMEing. (2) Creates a level of intimacy that could be used to break down barriers and physical inhibitions when the two people meet. (I’m being intentionally vague so as not to give any one ideas. Adults, parent, and Guardians will know EXACTLY what I mean. (If you don’t, ask.)

Its marginally better than a cell phone because, as far as know, there’s no built-in capture or forwarding. I can think of ways to do it. Hopefully peers won’t; predators will be rigged for it.

Adults, Parents, and Guardians better have a good understanding of the technology and its implications. The children can mae it work with little or no help.

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