RANT: Taylor is not the marketing maven I thought she was

Personally, I was astonished!

She is supposedly a “marketing maven”.


She missed the boat — or someone did — with the Walgreen’s deal.

FIRST, She should have has a “display clause”. “Her” display was messy! Needed to be “straightened”.

SECOND, she should have INSISTED on a higher quality notebook.

(a) the paper used in her notebook was of flimsy quality; (not that I think it has to be great, but it was like tissue paper)

(b) it has no red margin line line normal loose leaf filler; (how much did that add to the bottom line!) AND

(c) I was expecting some “personalization”. (Since her audience is tweens, preteens, and at least one fat old white injineer I would suggest that the “notebooks” should have taken the opportunity to communicate something inspirational to all the young girls who hang on her every word and one fat old white guy injineer who wishes he was 50 years younger.)

If I was a “pop star”, then I hope I would try to “communicate” with my young girl fans?

Do I tell them to: (a) study hard? (b) close your knees and bring about world peace; or (c) figure out what you want to be when you grow up like I did and don’t let anyone distract you from your goal.


Taylor Swift, Walgreens, and me

A marketing whore?

That’s a little “hard”.

Is that like a man is assertive and a woman is bitchy?

You have to admire that her net worth reportedly jump about 165M$ in the last year. And, that’s what they know about. Her merchandise sales and tie ins fly under the radar.

She’s really the successor to Reba who succeeded Dolly.

The only question is can she sustain it.

The stuff that I read says that there are 2 year transitions early in the “star career” early between 14 and 21. Then they begin to lengthen until they finally become decades. Cites of successful transitions are Betty White, Liz Taylor, Jodi Foster, and Madona. Cites of unsuccessful are Jenna Elfman, Lindsey, Pink, Barbara Striesand, Jane Fonda, and on and on.

It’s a tough business and the public is fickle.

I’d cite Lady Kazan, who technically had a better voice than her contemporary Babs, but lost out. Judy Collins succeeded over Jody Mitchell but couldn’t make the transition form Folk music to the Beetles.

I feel bad for people with a gift who’s gift for whatever reason can not make the leap. “Starving artist” is a cliche.

At the very least, someone like these people must “make hay while the sunshines” because at any minute the music can stop and they are left without a chair.

I think the thing that I admire most about a Taylor Swift is that she “knew” what she wanted to do so early in life and had the huevos to go for it. She sounded “sad” when she said she wanted to go to college but made a decision to forego it to pursue her career. Her “stones” came out when she passed on the record deal from RCA. (Wonder who, if anyone, got fired for that?) And, she had the chutzpah to sign with a start up record label as their Number One artist.


Shows me the nerve of a cat burglar. The savvy of a NYC three card mote dealer. And the Noblise Oblige of some one who’s living their dream.


Sometime beauty makes to weep for what you are not.