SOFTWARE: POSTBOX2 on MACBOOKAIR doesn’t have scheduled send

Fedinand Reinke, Mar-18 11:49 pm (PDT):

Sometimes I would like a message to be delayed until tomorrow, next week, or some time next year. I can’t find how to induce POSTBOX2 to do that for me. I know it’s in Outlook. How does a POSTBOX2 User do that?

It would be really nice if POSTBOX2 would handle that very smartly (i.e., wake up when a deferred request triggers and send it) but I could even live with it doing it the next time it is “alive”.

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Justin Rochell, Mar-21 07:47 pm (PDT):

Hi Fedinand,

Postbox has a “Send Later” feature, but without scheduling.

If you don’t mind, please submit a request for scheduling in the Ideas & Feature Requests Forum so we can keep track of it.

Thanks for using postbox!

Justin Rochell
Postbox, Inc.

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(1) This seems to me to be an OBVIOUSLY needed feature. OUTLOOK does it; I’m no MICROSOFT fan, but they have certain features. It just WINDOZE that sucks.

(2) WINDOZE may suck; MACOSX has its problems too. The question is how much suckiness will you the User tolerate. If you do a real good job of separating your data, your applications, and the OS on a WINDOZE platform, AND IF you do a real good job of managing your WINDOZE OS — slipstreaming fixes into a WINDOZE DISKIMAGE (by like ACRONIS) so you can bare metal restore at the drop of a hat, I’d give the nod to WINDOZE over MACOSX. On to Linux anyone?

(3) The meme of “personal computing” is that you can have your little PLATFORM and it’s “personal”. The new meme of “cloud computing” is nice if you never leave home and you high speed connection to the inet never fails. Once you leave home or if your inet provider is flaky, then cloud computing is challenging at best. Wifi ain’t that ubiquitous or that “free”. If you use the phone as you’re inet gateway, you’re stuck with an expensive “data plan” and find out that “unlimited” doesn’t mean “unlimited”.

(4) Clearly, the applications developers have to design applications that can work either with or without the cloud. I haven’t seen one yet that does.

(5) The regulators are back in 1910 and are (deliberately?) clueless about how companies are ripping the folks off.

(6) I love how developers want the Users to do their work for them. Assuming that “scheduled send” is a valid useful “new idea”. Why ask me, the User, to do your data entry work? That’s down right rude. Do I get paid, or anything, to be your R&D staff? It’s not like this is Open Source Software, where there’s more of a collaboration between developer and User. Argh!

(7) Many enterprises treat the Customer like they are an unpaid staff. The cable and telephone companies come to mind. I may have no choice but to put up your “barbara streisand” now, but there will come a time. Payback is a bitch!


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TECHNOLOGY: Diesel is a better answer than gas – electric hybrids

New Year’s Wish List
by Eric Peters

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More diesels

And fewer $40,000 hybrids that barely outdo the mileage of an ’80s-era Plymouth Champ. Diesels, unlike hybrids, work – if “working” means they deliver very high gas mileage without a very high price tag. Gas-electric hybrids and electric cars are impressive as technology but crap as consumer products – if the point of the exercise is to produce economical transportation. If you have to pay $30,000 or $40,000 (or even $25,000) to get 35 or 40 MPGs then MPGs don’t really matter since whatever you “save” in fuel costs is negated by the cost of the car itself. But diesel engines can deliver 60 MPG in a subcompact car that costs less than $15,000. Just not here. They have such cars in Europe. Santa needs to bring a few of them to us. But first, he’ll need to put some coal in the stockings of the government bureaucrats who have made the American car market unfriendly for diesel vehicles by imposing one regulatory obstacle and expense after the next. It’s not that diesels are “dirty” – the Europeans are just as obsessed with saving the planet as we are. It’s simply that our bureaucrats and politicians aren’t as smart as those in Europe.

*** end quote ***

I loved the three diesels I’ve had in my life.

Once upon a time, diesel fuel was cheaper than gasoline.

Don’t understand why that is? It’s easier to refine.

We know that the taxes on petrol of all flavors is a significant cost component. And, a good way for the Gooferment to bury taxes. With the illusion that it’s all going to “roads”, which is “barbara streisand”!

So why don’t we exploit technology that works?

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TECHNOLOGY: Technology malpractice; Abbott Diabetes Care dictates how you interact!


*** begin quote ***


Thank you for contacting Abbott Diabetes Care, maker of FreeStyle and Precision products. We are pleased to provide you with a team of dedicated Specialists to help you understand your options in obtaining the FreeStyle and Precision products. Our Specialists are available to assist you toll free at 1-866-246-2683, Monday through Friday from 7 AM to 9 PM (CST).

Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.

Abbott Diabetes Care

Join the FreeStyle Promise® Program Today and BE Supported! (

This communication may contain information that is proprietary, confidential, or exempt from disclosure. If you are not the intended recipient, please note that any other dissemination, distribution, use or copying of this communication is strictly prohibited. Anyone who receives this message in error should notify the sender immediately by return e-mail and delete it from his or her computer.

*** end quote ***

No, I don’t want to call and talk to one of your “dedicated Specialists” (In a third world country?)

I just want you to answer my damn question.

If I wanted to endure the “fingernails on the blackboard” physical pain of calling your call center, I would have called in the first place.

My last THREE phone calls with product problems were really great experiences. Why would I want to repeat that experience? That’s why I sent you an email.


If “marketing is a conversation”, Abbott Diabetes Care sure isn’t listening.

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