RANT: “Audit the Fed” has some life

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Dear Ferdinand,

This is it!

Earlier today, I received word that Audit the Fed (H.R. 459) is now scheduled for a vote this July in the U.S. House of Representatives!

This historic moment is only possible thanks to your relentless pressure. Now we must turn up the heat to secure victory – first in the House and then in Harry Reid’s U.S. Senate.

That’s why I hope you’ll read the note below from Senator Rand Paul and take immediate action.

In Liberty,

Matt Hawes
Vice President
Campaign for Liberty

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If one has to find the one single thing, that has impoverished us as a nation, while allowing the Gooferment to grow out of control and dramatically preventing us from controlling that “sprawl”, then one only has to look at the 1913 creation of the Fed.

Killing it wouldn’t solve our problems. 

But it would go along way to stop the hole we’re in from being dug to even grater depths.

AND, it would stop “inflation”. The automatic debasement of our unit of account.

The Dead Old White Guys must be rolling over to see us make this basic mistake.

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