FUN: Root to kill “Dad John Carter!”

Was tired this morning. Stayed up to watch the two hour premiere of Falling Skies.

Not sure if I liked it.

Can’t we “kill off” “john carter” and all the Hollywood stereotypes? Some of the characters are distracting.

Like the little kid shooting a souped up AR15.

Yeah, right!

More likely than killing the alien, he’d have done us all a great service and killed his “dad john carter”.

I’ve shot a plain old ar15. It has kick like a mad child. It tends to rise. So the kid would be on his A Double Q with flash impaired vision and gunfire deafness. The only way he get the alien is when the slug shot up would come down like a mortar round!

Personally, I could cheer: (a) the kid’s wild fire kills “john carter”; (b) the alien kills “john carter”; or © the returning to earth slug kill everyone.

Anyone else rooting for the aliens over the formulaic Hollywood writers?

Probably should stop now befre I become “Politcally Incorrect”!

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