NH: The Free State Project

Friday, August 30, 2013


At Freedom Fest in July 2013, NH State Representative, Mark Warden, who is a Free State Project participant, small business owner and Realtor, was interviewed for the Future Money Trends blog. Says Warden: “The Free State Project is an amazing idea and concept that is just now coming to life.” You can read the transcript and watch the full interview

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“Yeah, thanks for asking. The Free State Project is an amazing idea and concept that is just now coming to life. It’s a geopolitical movement with liberty-minded people, we could call them “small l” libertarians, some anarchists, people who really truly believe in less government, lower taxes, and more individual freedom, are moving to the state of New Hampshire. The original concept would say, “Okay let’s choose a small state that’s relatively low population,” and the original people who that committed to make this move chose New Hampshire as the destination. So eventually we’ll get 20,000 people to move. Once we have 20,000 people who have signed up, then that triggers the move, and people will start moving. However, some of us didn’t want to wait that long and we just went. So I moved from Las Vegas, Nevada six years ago, and 1,200 others have moved from all over the country and other parts of the world to New Hampshire to bring about liberty in our lifetime.”

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NH: Central New Hampshire peaches

Thursday, August 29, 2013


Movin’ To the Country, Gonna Eat a Lot of Peaches

Posted by kid dynamite on August 25th, 2013

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If you’d told me that the tree fruit I’d have the most success growing in Central New Hampshire was peaches, I would have called you crazy – but you’d have been right.

While my apple trees that I planted a few years ago are looking terrible, my pear trees got destroyed by an unknown assailant, and my apricot tree went from looking-like-it-was-thriving to I-think-it’s-totally-dead in a span of 3 rainy weeks this spring, my 2 peach trees have been steady producers for the second year in a row.

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Since I am going to New Hampshire soon — as soon as I can or no later than after the Free State Project gets the last of its 20k movers — and I’ve been thinking I’d like to “buy the farm”.

In a literal sense; not the military sense.

But in some respects, this will be my LAST move.

Teach, politics, and / or maybe farm.

My model will be George Washington. (Now all I need is a rich widow!)

I found this instructive since I was figuring fruit was “easy”.

Maybe pineapples?

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