LOCAL: AL NJ 401 SAL fundraiser tonight at the Green Turtle in North Brunswick


DNF (Do Not Forget) American Legion NJ Post 401 Son’s fundraiser at the Green Turtle in North Brunswick tonight. Please. NB (Nota Bene) you have to bring a printed copy of the offer sheet with you. (We’re not allowed to hand them out.)

2020 03Mar 04 SAL fundraiser

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LOCAL: SBTWP bills for school


Franklin Dad Must Pay $35K For Sending Kids To South Brunswick SchoolsThe South Brunswick school system actually did surveillance, observing his Monmouth Junction rental property 27 times and finding it vacant.
By Carly Baldwin (Patch Staff) – Updated July 11, 2017 8:45 pm ET

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It was actually South Brunswick school system that launched the investigation. The district conducted surveillance at his Monmouth Junction rental. For 27 visits, there was no activity at the apartment, the district said. But on 28 occasions, the investigator saw the man’s cars parked outside his Franklin home. Those same cars would then drop his kids off at school the next day.

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So why is the Gooferment in the “school business”?

We don’t care where the man buys his food or his gas. Why should it matter where his children get their education?

In 1984, I proposed to Hands Across New Jersey a forty year plan to privatize the school system. The first twenty were about giving parents free choice with vouchers; the second twenty were about reducing the amount of the vouchers by 5% every year. 

If anyone was really interest in SOLVING the problem then, it’d been SOLVED three years ago. Argh!

If anyone was really interest in SOLVING the problem NOW, they could have it done by 2057.

It took the USA about 100 years to get into this mess and “ride” it to its breaking point. 

“When in a hole, stop digging!” — old Wall Street maxim

Let’s stop digging!


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LOCAL: Respond to pro “cap and tax” bill

reinkefj has left a new comment on the post “Act locally think globally“:

The “cap and tax” was approved by the House; I hope the Senate comes to its senses. It has nothing to do with emissions, it has everything to do with gooferment control. When they electric bill goes up by 4 grand per family and Congress gets to waste more of our stolen wealth, then what will you be doing for a job. Won’t be able to afford a paper! And, it’ll be “climate change” is the problem as “global cooling” will be freezing out butts like it was in the Eighties. Liberals, panic the sheeple, to get control!

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LOCAL: Frozen lakes are trajedies waiting to happen


Plainsboro woman drowns trying to save dog from frozen pond
by Nyier Abdou and Joe Ryan/The Star-Ledger
Saturday January 03, 2009, 7:11 PM

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A Plainsboro woman fell through the ice and drowned today while trying to rescue her grandson’s dog from a frozen pond.

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Posted by reinkefj on 01/05/09 at 8:47AM

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Interesting to see if a lawsuit doesn’t come out of this. Who owns the lake?

If it’s the town, then a simple rope with a ring would have been a great forethought. Or and after thought?

In the USAF survival school, we were taught, along with a lot of other stuff, not to go on ice with “ice picks”. (Wood dowels with nails protruding.) We had them on the hood draw strings as an inspection item for winter field exercises. Funny the stuff you remember forty years later.

Tonight I’ll remember her in my prayers for her and the family. Valiently trying to save her dog.

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