POLITICAL: Let’s have a 6 month work visa specific to industries that have work shortages


French backpacker sparks debate after saving $15,000 in three months on WA farm

  • A French backpacker working on an Aussie farm has shared how much he saved in just three months, prompting a huge debate.

Chantelle Francis
March 15, 2023 – 4:43PM

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Bill Buran from Facebook commented:

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I met a German fellow who worked at a bar during the summer season in Austrália. I’ve said it before, Austrália has what I think is the best model regarding immigration. They have a 6 month work visa specific to industries that have work shortages or Australians simply don’t want to do. Like agro, hospitality, construction. The visa process is simple, can apply online and print it at home or even acquire at port of entry. You receive a temp tax ID number as well for your employer. It resolves illegal workers and ensures the State collects its taxes. If your one of those that constantly complains that “I’m for immigration as long as its legal” well here is your answer.

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Seems like a great idea for here in the USA.



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