HEALTH: Report your Covid-19 “vaccination” story to an independent website

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Please complete our Contact Form if you wish us to consider including ‘Your Vaccine Story’ within this website. Following review, we will respond to discuss your story in more detail including uploading video content, text and pictures etc. Thank you.

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Another site to report your Covid-19 “vaccination” story to an independent website.

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• To bring awareness of these reactions to the medical community.

• To strongly encourage transparency and acknowledgment of these vaccine reactions by the CDC and FDA, so that there can be a beginning to the discoveries and developments in the care that we, and others like us, desperately need.

• We have NO interest or desire to discuss or dispute with anyone whether or not to be vaccinated, masked, or other issues related to the pandemic. Our message is simple and clear, to bring awareness that these reactions are happening.

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Do you want to share your vaccination reaction story? Fill out the form below to share your story. Share what life for you was like before and after you took the vaccine, which vaccine you took and your personal story.

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If “We, The Sheeple” can’t depend on the Gooferment to keep good records, then maybe the free market can do a better job?


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