MONEY: In The Early 1980s, The U.S. Gaming Industry Lobbied For?

The game industry’s quest for a new coin to ensure profits in a niche market wasn’t the first time an organization or company had lobbied for a coin specifically designed to help them profit. In the 1950s, Coca-Cola lobbied the U.S. Treasury Department to begin minting a 7.5 cent coin so that consumers could continue to use a single coin to buy a bottle of Coke—Coca-Cola had been 5 cents a bottle since the 1880s, but the fixed price was eating into Coke’s profits. Their attempt, like the game industry’s, was unsuccessful.

Source: In The Early 1980s, The U.S. Gaming Industry Lobbied For?

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Anyone else not “see” the cost of the FED’s inflation?

“Penny” candy?  Quarter gasoline?  Any comodity or service?


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