GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Nazi-like tattoos and the mark of the Devil!

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In The 1930s, There Was A Craze To Get Which Of These Things Tattooed On Your Body?

  • Franklin Roosevelt’s Face
  • Social Security Number
  • Tube TVs
  • Airships

Answer: Social Security Number

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Because the program was so new (and favored so strongly by the public), there was a certain excitement surrounding the launch of Social Security. People were instructed to keep their cards safe, but they also needed to keep the number handy at the same time. While some people simply memorized the number, there was a fad of sorts where individuals rushed out to get the number tattooed on their bodies. Some simply had the number itself—as seen here on the arm of Memphis-area engineer Jeon Reese Roofener—while others had the number embedded in a flag, Social Security Administration logo, or other embellishment. Even for those that wished to avoid getting a tattoo, there was a market for Social Security number related products. To this day, you’ll occasionally find signet rings and other jewelry in antique stores with Social Security numbers openly displayed on them.

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In all the horrors of the Nazi extermination camps, one that stands out was the tattooing of tracking numbers on the poor victims.

Here we have an example of the same thing, except people are doing it voluntarily!


When you realize that current day “identity theft” would not be possible without the “social security number”, you’ll understand how “We, The Sheeple” was fooled.

Hard to believe that it was “(and favored so strongly by the public)”. Guess they didn’t see the Ponzi-like scheme behind the curtain. Like the bull fighter’s sword behind the cape, the politicians and bureaucrats really stuck it to us. Intergenerational theft!

So how do we unwind it?

Demand the politicians and bureaucrats give us back our identites. Maybe the new blockchain technology can do that for us?


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