LIBERTARIAN: Don’t you wish we were “Free to Choose”

Free to Choose (1980 & 1991)

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6. Free to Choose (1980)

Free to Choose (1980) Part 6: What’s Wrong With Our SchoolsFree to Choose brought the subject of free markets into America’s living rooms, and was seen by millions thanks to nationwide airing on PBS. In this series, Friedman guides the viewer through ten documentary-style lectures on the workings of the market and its relation to human liberty. The series made a case for economic freedom so lucid and persuasive that it may even have helped elect Ronald Reagan in 1980, and in any case certainly gave intellectual support and respectability to free market reforms put forward by both Reagan and Thatcher.

Free to Choose remains the single most comprehensive series on economic liberty ever produced, and although now decades old it’s still firing on all pistons and is available free online.  It’s a testament to the power of Friedman’s then-radical proposals — and perhaps this series itself — that some have already been implemented and others have become common subjects for discussion.

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We need more choices — free choices.

Hope everyone gets to see this video and take it to heart.

The truth will set us all free.


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