ECONOMICS: So much for a “great economy”!

Rail Traffic Depression: 292 Union Pacific Engines Are Sitting In The Arizona Desert Doing Nothing
By Michael Snyder
The Economic Collapse
May 11, 2016

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Because rail traffic is down so dramatically, many operators have large numbers of engines that are just sitting around collecting dust.  In his article, Wolf Richter shared photographs from Google Earth that show some of the 292 Union Pacific engines that are sitting in the middle of the Arizona desert doing absolutely nothing. 

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All the politicians and bureaucrats squawking about the “great economy” can’t make it so.


What we need is to unleash the entrepreneurs.

* A ten year moratorium on new regulations, laws, tax policy changes, and other Gooferment diktats.

* A 10% tax rate for individuals and corporations.

* Ten years of zero Gooferment deficits.

* and put all mandates and liabilities must be put on a track to be fully funded in 10 years.

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