POLITICAL: Miners walk on Hillary; when do Black Americans do the same to the Democrats


Sanders defeats Clinton in West Virginia
Heidi M Przybyla, USA TODAY 10:29 p.m. EDT May 10, 2016

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Bernie Sanders defeated Hillary Clinton in West Virginia’s Democratic primary Tuesday, while Donald Trump, with no remaining challengers, claimed an easy victory there and in Nebraska among Republicans.

At a rally in Salem, Ore., following his win, Sanders, a Vermont senator, told supporters “it appears that we won a big, big victory in West Virginia.”

“West Virginia is a working-class state, and like many other states in this country, including Oregon, working people are hurting,” he said. “And what the people of West Virginia said tonight, and I believe the people of Oregon and Kentucky will say next week, is that we need an economy that works for all of us, not just the one percent.”

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May I offer Bernie another interpretation?

The D’s have long been anti-coal. Here’s the average working-class joe sixpack sending HRC a message.

I’d be astonished if WV does go big for Trump.

Bill Clinton, for all his faults, was spot on with “It’s the economy, stupid!”

The only think I wonder is when Black Americans will wake up like West Virginians? Their loyalty to the Democratic Party has been both misplaces and abused. Go through the classic Civil Rights legislation and count the Democrats who opposed it and Republican who did. Go through the litany of cities with Democratic mayor and machines, count the ones that for all intents and purposes are little better than war zones. Some Iraqi and Syrian cities look better than Detroit. Finally, go thru the casualties in the “(pseudo) War on (some) Drugs” and the Welfare State’s destruction of the black families and the black churches.

Then tell me how good the D’s are for the country! (Not that the R’s are that much better. But one must pick the prettiest horse in the glue factory coral.)

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