RANT: Is an Amazon “oversold” like an Airline “bump”?

This morning I was thinking about my fiancée’s recent experience with an Amazon purchase.

Background, she ordered a “new” (antique!) Blackberry phone. All well and good. It “disappeared”. Even though USPS reported it as delivered to her door.

Yeah, I know all about “porch pirates”. And, was perfectly fine until this morning.

Then, when safely under my tin foil hat, my Conspiracy Theorist bent came to the forefront and began asking questions.

Interesting that when she ordered it, Amazon said they had five for sale. When she called to complain about the missing delivery, the representative offered a refund OR A REPLACEMENT. She was told to wait until the follow ing Monday to make it official. When she did, “Amazon is no longer selling these”. (a polite FU! imho)

So as a certifiable Conspiracy Theorist, perhaps like the airlines who “bump” flights that they deliberately “overbook”, I suspected that maybe Amazon “oversold” this items.

Now, I’m an Amazon Prime-er, and I order lots of stuff. (18 items alone in 2016!) And, I have NEVER fallen prey to a “porch pirate”. That day, I got a delivery that USPS put in a locker. The next day, Sunday, I got a USPS delivery to the door.


Now, maybe Amazon oversold it, realized that, and decided “who do we screw”?

Maybe Amazon has a label to the USPS that says “Lose this package”. And, USPS plays along. 

Why would USPS do that? Collision with Amazon; lest Amazon decide to bribe Congress that it want to deliver mail. Perhaps, even Amazon pays more for the “lose this package” service?


I urged her to grip to Amazon a lot louder, the USPS, and any Gooferment entity that would listen.

Isn’t interesting that the same phone is available at Blackberry for 100$ more — no problem.

So why didn’t Amazon just buy one there and send to her to keep the Customer happy? Yeah, now it’s all about money!

I wonder if other people have had similar experiences.


You’re right. I don’t trust ANYONE or ANY Crony Capitalist corporation. 

I’m sure the US Gooferment is going to rush to investigate itself.


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