GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Overpriced Drugs?

Hospital-Acquired Infections, Dangerous Tests and Other Medical Cover-Ups
By Joseph Mercola
March 9, 2016

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Drug Companies Siphon Tax Dollars for Dangerous, Useless, Overpriced Drugs

As if it wasn’t enough that you pay with your health for the drug industry’s lackadaisical approach to side effects — both by their downplaying the risk of death or serious injury in their ads, and by their filing adverse event reports that are useless for predicting risk to other patients — you also pay for their crimes with your tax dollars.

Sovaldi, a hepatitis C drug made by Gilead was under investigation for 18 months by the Senate Finance Committee. In the end, the Committee decided that the price of the drug — $1,000 per pill, or $84,000 per treatment — “did not reflect the cost of research and development and that Gilead cared about ‘revenue’ not ‘affordability and accessibility,’” the Epoch Times writes.

In 2014 alone, Medicare and Medicaid shelled out more than $5 BILLION for Sovaldi and another hepatitis C drug called Harvoni.

Writing for the New York Times, columnist Nicholas Kristof notes that in the year 2015, the drug industry “spent $272,000 in campaign donations per member of Congress … to bar the government from bargaining for drug prices in Medicare. That amounts to a $50 billion annual gift to pharmaceutical companies.”

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Sorry but this is what you get when the Gooferment picks winners and losers.

Unfortunately, when folks pay for their own medical care. it may hurt in the pocketbook, but the bills get careful scrutiny.

Waste, fraud, and abuse are REGULARLY reported in Gooferment “programs”. None more wasteful than “medicine”. I remember reading an article that asserted a huge percentage of “medical spending” in Florida was due to FRAUD.


The only way to cure that is to incentivize the patients to spend wisely. How can we do that? Make them pay 1%. Ever seen seniors look at an early bird special dinner check? Vultures would admire their attention to detail. 


Doubt it will ever happen. Seniors vote!

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One Response to GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Overpriced Drugs?

  1. “Writing for the New York Times, columnist Nicholas Kristof notes that in the year 2015, the drug industry “spent $272,000 in campaign donations per member of Congress ”

    I may be wrong on this as I’m operating from memory, but I *believe* that’s roughly 10 times as much as Big Tobacco spends! Hmmm… ok… looking at the CTFK site (which likely exaggerates the contributions):

    It looks like a total of about 6 million for the 600(?) Senate/House members for “2011-2012” (two years? Or one?) which, even if it’s for one year, would come to about $10,000 per member … less than 4% of what Big Pharma seems to be spending.

    Heh, and then we wonder WHY we see all the antismoking votes sailing through so smoothly? And why Big Pharma’s Krazy Krusade agains e-cigs has gained so much traction. (If anyone reading this thinks they’ve “seen studies about how bad e-cigs are, I’d suggest taking just a minute or two to read this short analysis excerpt I wrote for TobakkoNacht:

    – MJM

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