RANT: The murder of a poor cook in northern China


Mar 7, 8:54 AM EST


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BEIJING (AP) — Police in a northern Chinese city have broken up a major toxic waste case that came to light when a restaurant owner died after inhaling poisonous gases coming from his kitchen drain, state media said Monday.

Police discovered that the operator of a parking lot near the restaurant in Baoding city had allowed factories to dump highly toxic waste into its drain pipes for illegal gains, the official Xinhua News Agency said.

The parking lot operator allowed a total of more than 3,400 tons of toxic waste to be dumped between August 2014 and May 2015, Xinhua said.

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Sounds like murder!

And how did they think they were going to get away with this?

At the very least, the parking lot operator was going to be caught! And, then sing like a canary!!!

Given the Chinese and their use of the “death penalty”, if I were these folks, then I’d be saying my prayers and calling in all the bribes I’d ever given for help.

What a shame for the poor cook.

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One Response to RANT: The murder of a poor cook in northern China

  1. Unfortunately I bet this sort of thing goes on all the time, not just in China but in the US too. The chances of getting caught would likely be very low and off in the future anyway (The only reason this one got caught was because of the very unusual death.) while the benefits are absolutely concrete (in terms of money saved) and right here in the present (again, in terms of money saved.) Take a look at the number of cast-off tires you see around the city, or the dumping of stuff in vacant lots. The only way to *really* stop this sort of thing is for the government to bring the costs of toxic dumping down to the point where the risks, even if small, aren’t going to be worth taking. (The other side of the coin, increasing the penalties *IF* someone is caught, also works, but the effectiveness would vary a lot.

    – Michael

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