GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Amtrak operating “without official funding authorization”?

Amtrak Bill Continues History of Wasted Subsidies
Matthew Sabas | 03/06/2015 

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Four Decades of Failure

Congressional Republicans were elected on a platform of cutting spending, but taxpayers will continue to pay for Amtrak’s losses for at least 5 more years if a bill that just passed the House becomes law. Can’t Congress do better?

Amtrak has cost the government over $45 billion in subsidies over the last 44 years, allowing it to finance the upkeep of unprofitable routes, overstaffed trains, and the mismanagement of its food services.

The bipartisan Passenger Rail Reform and Investment Act of 2015 would subsidize Amtrak by an estimated $7 billion from 2016 to 2020. It passed the House by 316 votes to 101 votes on Wednesday and is now headed to the Senate and, presumably, President Obama’s signature. Amtrak has been operating without official funding authorization since the previous bill expired in October 2013.

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How can it operate without an “official funding authorization”?

Why pass anything?

It’s a sad state of affairs just how “law-less” we have become.

The Dead Old White Guys must be rolling over!

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