POLITICAL: Ebola epidemic will spread by air travel?



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The United States and Canada are still allowing air travel from the nations of Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia where the Ebola epidemic is centered.

The Ebola patient who died in Dallas, Thomas Eric Duncan, had flown from Liberia. About 150 people each day fly from those three countries to the US. South Africa and a host of other African countries have closed off flights from the three West African countries, but the United States and Canada have not.

The most likely way Ebola could spread on planes may not be from contact with passengers, but from waste on planes. Some airliners are now so filthy and unsanitary that cabin cleaners at New York’s LaGuardia Airport walked off the job, The New York Daily News reported. The cleaners are angry because of the danger of potential exposure to Ebola.

“I have to deal with vomit, feces and a lot of chemicals, without proper equipment,” cleaner Johanna Cruz told The Daily News. “They give us gloves, but they might as well be made of paper because they rip so easily.”

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Sorry, but it’s just stupid to NOT shut down air travel.

And, it’s not unreasonable to quarantine travelers.

This poor soul flew while infected and did NOT show symptoms until after he was here.


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HARDWARE: I could have used this in 1964



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The Street Sweep Saver is an alarm that rings 10 minutes before street sweeping begins on your block. The alarm is made with an electric bell controlled by a beagle bone black board. I designed a wooden casing that hides the electronics. Mount the Street Sweep Saver to your wall or place it on your kitchen table next to your daily cup of joe.

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A few decades too late.

I received so many parking tickets in my youth from alternate side of the street parking!

Most of them were written by the same cop. I think his name was Krupick.

I deserved most of them. 

But, several were written at 7:01 AM and I called the police station at 6:45 to complain.

It didn’t help. The deck was stacked.

That’s when I became anti-Gooferment!

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