WRITING: FOWG’s tunnel

2011 Highway 2
After Action Report

This was the away team’s 571st consecutive nightly effort to bring people out of NuYurk. The eight man team was dedicates to helping the refugees escape. For security purposes, after the first night, we pledged to do it for as long as possible. To prevent leaks, we kept the operation a closely guarded secret.

Our Sister Church would collect refugees in the meeting house. After dark, they would hood the refugees and load them into a member’s delivery truck. It would bring them to the East End Warehouse that was built over the west entrance. Lashed together the refugees were led down and through the tunnel to the East End Barn. There they were loaded onto three smaller delivery trucks. Those trucks each went to our Church by different routes; timed to arrive at different intervals.

At the Church, the refugees were unhooded, assigned a shepherd, and sent on their way to Canada, New Hampshire, Maine, or other free counties.

On the night of Christmas Eve, our activity was uncovered. Elements of the NuYurk State Secret Police surrounded the West End Warehouse. While we were unarmed, as our faith demanded, we did have some diversions planned. Fireworks and explosions were to divert them while we saved as many as we could.

The team and about 25 refugees were taken. It’s unfortunate that several of the Secret Police died as a result of gunshot wounds. And, despite assertions of their state run media, we were all unarmed.

As previously agreed the team, stood mute.

After several months in jail, a release was negotiated by the Swiss Embassy.

# – # – #

Historical Marker:

FOWG’s tunnel In the last days of the United States of America, a man, aware of the Shoah, bought a farm on the New Your State / Vermont border. For a decade, alone, he carved out a 4.2 mile tunnel. When the Terrors struck in what was to become the Pepuls Republik of Nu Yurk, Nu Jerzee, and Chusetts, but before their “Real Id”, fences, and Border Patrol could limit the movement of “political undesirables”, thousands of people fled to safety.

In this particular place, aided by the Society of Friends on both sides of the border, it’s estimated that over 36,000 people reached safety via the tunnel. Many details are lost, due to the silence of all involved.

After the collapse of the People’s Republik, the west end of the tunnel was rebuilt and the two sites across the now peaceful border was dedicated as a shrine to Courage, Liberty, and Civil Disobedience.

The meaning of the one sign, “FOWG’s highway to hell”, over the Vermont barn is lost. But, there is no doubt of the meaning of the other: “Bon courage a vous tous / God Bless Vermont”.

One can only wonder who FOWG was and why he undertook this Noah-like project. He passed before it was used for its intended purpose. So many details are lost; what was not lost was lives. This was life saving effort to those refugees and their progeny.

# # # # #

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