SECURITY: Hackers impersonating E-ZPass

Cyber Security Alert: Potential Phishing Attack
Hackers impersonating “E-ZPass Service Center Personnel” are trying to steal customer information by sending an email that contains a malicious link. Attacks have been targeted at personal email addresses stating that they have an overdue toll debt.

The attack tries to trick the user into clicking on a link to view an account invoice. The URL linked in the email directs the target to a malicious website that compromises the user’s personal account information. E-ZPass has identified the following subject lines in connection with the attack emails [PDF]: “in arrears for driving on toll road”, “Payment for driving on toll road”, “indebtedness for driving on toll road”, and “Pay for driving on toll road”.

If you receive such email in your personal mailbox, do not click on the attachment or forward it to anyone. If you have clicked on a link via your personal email account, we recommend that you change the password for any information that you entered into the malicious site.

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