POLITICAL: BHO44 impeachment?


Obama Impeachment: GOP Faces Three HUGE Obstacles

Michael Thomas
June 23rd, 2014

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It does appear that the Repubs may be waiting for the midterm elections to take back the Senate, and restock the House even stronger.  In which case they may be waiting for a pretext to impeach both Obama and Biden. In which case the new Speaker’s wife just may move into Michelle Obama’s bedroom.

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I have oft opined (not that anyone listens to me) that “impeachment” of a President is the power of the MINORITY party to remove a President that damages their future chances to “suck at the teat of Gooferment”. (Why else would they?)

I cite the R’s with Nixon. He resigned ONLY because the R’s said “you’re toast”. Not that they care too much about him, BUT he was going to take all of the other lifetime R’s down with him. (Rats and the sinking ship come to mind!)

This blog post illustrates another “impeachment method”.

Should the Sheeple be so “offended” by the sitting President’s conduct, (which I think is “egregious” even by today’s standards), that they vote in the opposite party with a sufficient plurality and majority (particularly in the Senate), that impeachment is a foregone conclusion.

While drastic, maybe the Sheeple can be interested to the point of voting.

Obamacare, immigration, VA, and the collapse of “foreign policy” might just be enough to have these sheep look away for DWTS and vote for real “hope and change”.

I hope that the Libertarian Party doesn’t shill for the D’s and save them.


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