SOFTWARE: Anyone else notice CHROME BROWSER performance stinks

Recently, all I seem to get is “spinning tabs”. Opera and Fivefox don’t have a problem.

I’m confused.

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3 Responses to SOFTWARE: Anyone else notice CHROME BROWSER performance stinks

  1. Some sugggestions:

    1) Run a cleaner, e.g. CCleaner or SuperAntiSpyware (both good programs) to declutter Chrome’s cookies and files.

    2) When you talk about a forced close, are you talking about the “Black Screen of Death”? That can be avoided by not closing more than six windows or so at a time.

    3) When you have a spinner tab, copy the URL from the tab window, close the tab, open a blank new tab, paste the URL into it, and open that one. For some reason the new window will often load instantly for me despite the fact that the same URL sat spinning in the old window.

    4) Check your internet connection speed with something like: to make sure your connection is OK. Don’t click on the “Boost Your Speed” ad at the top: it’s just an ad. Click on the “BEGIN TEST” button that shows up on the laptop screen image. If you’re on DSL you should get a ping of .45 or less, a download speed of 3.5 or more, and an upload speed of .7 or more.

    5) If you tend to leave your computer and Chrome running alive without break for hours and hours and hours, try shutting Chrome at least down completely once every few hours and don’t use “Reload old tabs” when booting it back up. If there are several tabs you always use, make a bookmarks bar folder of them and click on that to reload your tabs. The bookmarks bar is also very quick if you tend to do different things with each of those things needed a selection of its own tabs. Just make folder bookmarks for each selection and load them all at once.

    6) I’ve grown to REALLY like Chrome as I’ve become more aware of its capabilities. E.G. did you know that if you have a bunch of tabs open and you want to reload several of them you can highlight those several by holding down SHIFT while left-clicking on the first and last of them or by holding down CTRL while left-clicking on the individual ones? Then just right click on one of the highlighted ones and choose Reload: they’ll all reload for you at once.

    Hope some of those ideas help!


  2. reinkefj says:

    Nah. I get spinning tabs with four open. Closing CHROME. Often the a force close required. Then everything runs fine for a while. Has to be software. Chrome, and most browsers, upgrade themselves with User approval. Argh!

  3. Spinning tabs might have something to do with your connection. I’ll occasionally get those, but it’s intermittent. Heh, it also possibly has something to do with my bad habit of having 20 to 30 tabs running most of the time! LOL!

    – MJM

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