RANT: What? Maryland Transgender bathroom bill


MILLER: Maryland’s bathroom bill benefits few transgenders, puts all girls at risk from pedophiles
LGBT lobby winning across the country
By Emily Miller-The Washington Times Wednesday, April 2, 2014

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Maryland moms and dads will now have to be more vigilant when their children use public bathrooms. It will soon be legal for a man who simply says he identifies as a woman to use the ladies’ room.

This serious risk for sexual assaults of women and little girls is all in the name of political correctness. And this is just the latest in a string of successes by the transgender lobby.

On Friday, the Maryland House passed legislation that prohibits discrimination based on “gender identity” in employment, housing, credit and public accommodations — which, most disturbingly, includes restrooms.

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This is nuts!

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One Response to RANT: What? Maryland Transgender bathroom bill

  1. Sweetbrandigirl2004 says:

    My question for Emily Miller is what law stops a man from dressing as a women or entering a women’s restroom now ? A) NONE so this new gender Identity law doesn’t change anything. It’s just gives you something to fear monger about. Their been NO reported incidents anywhere in the entire country of a transgender or non transgender person for that matter dressing as a women to assault women in a restroom so this law isn’t going to increase the danger of anything. Almost EVER restroom in Europe is uni-sexed and they seem to have zero issues with it. I think you need to get over yourself no ones interested in hurting you in a restroom !

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