RANT: Social Security is bust


Members of Congress:

When I hear politicians in Washington talking about “reforming Social Security,” I know that what you really mean is “cutting benefits” or “privatizing retirement accounts.”

What you should be talking about is expanding Social Security — extending solvency and ensuring the economic security of our seniors.

Senator Sherrod Brown, along with some of his colleagues, is working to expand the life of Social Security for this and future generations of seniors in America — and I am calling on you to do the same.


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Sorry, but Social Security was FDR’s Socialist destruction of America.

It enabled Grandparents to abandon their families and move to warmer climates. And, make people dependent upon the Gooferment.

Economically, it’s a Ponzi scheme. Based on unrealistic assumptions and an ignorance of human aging.

Also, by the wide-spread introduction of abortion, we have put humanity into a death spiral.

(Akin to the Chinese One Child policy or India sex-selection policies that have put them on the Road to Perdition.)

Social Security is bust. Best thing is to emulate Chile in the 1970’s. Privative for the youngsters, reassure the old folks, and screw the folks with assets.

Fact of life.

The last investor in Ponzi gets <synonym for the past tense of the procreation act.>

At least, Ponzi had the decency not to point a gun to his victims’ heads. He just appealed to their greed.

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