INTERESTING: “Should all bars have breathalyzer machines?

Dear CNET members, 

I just came across this interesting blog from Chris Matyszczyk titled, “Should all bars have breathalyzer machines?” In his blog, it explains a U.S. congressman from Utah is proposing that more of his state’s bars should have breathalyzer machines, so people can check whether they’re safe to drive home. The thinking being that it will help keep the streets safer by keeping some drunk drivers off the road.

It’s a simple concept. There’s a breathalyzer machine installed in the bar. After you’ve called it a night drinking with your friends, before you leave the bar, you go to the breathalyzer, blow into the machine and within a few seconds, the screen in front of you displays the results of your blood alcohol level and tells you whether you failed the test (recommending that you shouldn’t drive) or you’ve passed. Now what happens after that, is up to you; whether you take the recommendation that it is unsafe for you to drive, or blow it off (pun intended). 

Currently there are already breathalyzers installed in some bars, but they are for entertainment/novelty only. However, do you think the breathalyzer should be installed in all bars and taken more seriously than just a novelty machine? 

I ultimately think everyone is responsible for their own actions and installing these breathalyzers in bars may help some folks who lack better judgment, but ultimately I think it will remain a novelty. I know some people, especially when intoxicated, won’t let someone tell them what to do, let alone allow some machine tell them what is best for them. However, I do believe it’s better to have breathalyzers around, and if it can help one drunk person to not drive, it is one less drunk driver on the road.

Read up on Chris’ blog, and tell all of us how you feel about these breathalyzers. Would you like to see these in your local bars? Do you think it will help prevent drinkers from hopping into their cars if they’ve had one too many? Or do you think people will just blow it off and it will just remain another entertainment device, like dartboards on the walls?

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With protection for the owners who have them and the drivers that use them.

They should be immune to the perdition of the ruling class.

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