RANT: Can’t drive a car, vote, or drink, BUT …


30 Apr 2013, 3:14 PM PDT 
AP Medical Writer

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The Plan B morning-after pill is moving over-the-counter, a decision announced by the Food and Drug Administration just days before a court-imposed deadline.

Tuesday, the FDA lowered to 15 the age at which girls and women can buy the emergency contraceptive without a prescription _ and said it no longer has to be kept behind pharmacy counters.

Instead, the pill can sit on drugstore shelves just like condoms, but that buyers would have to prove their age at the cash register. 

*** end quote ***

So let me understand, these girls can’t drive a car, vote, or drink, BUT they can take powerful drugs with side affects?

And, I guess their parents get to clean up the mess afterwards?

So, what happened to statutory rape? Child molestation!


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One Response to RANT: Can’t drive a car, vote, or drink, BUT …

  1. Also interesting that the government feels it can control the age of the “buyers” of these things on open shelves yet it cannot control the age of cigarette purchasers unless the packs are safely behind the counters.

    Will they demand proof of age for anyone who looks under 27?

    – MJM

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