POLITICS: What was BHO44 doing during Benghazi-gate?

Today on WMAL their political reporter asked a very simple question: what was BHO44 doing during the whole Benghazi event?

I’d add what was Hilary (HRC) doing?

The American Press demonstrates how biased they are since if it was an R we would hear this every day!


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2 Responses to POLITICS: What was BHO44 doing during Benghazi-gate?

  1. reinkefj says:

    With all due respect in Stinnet’s book we know were FDR and Marshall were. Having setup the “fuse” they were conveniently Out Of The Office. When the excrement hit the fan.

    Regan was I believe accounted for.

    If the occupant of the Oval Office was an R, I’d ask for the same accounting. Only diff, there would be 100’s of reporters on the trail of the story. The diff is that no one cares for embarrassing revelations.

    Reminds me of the National Enquirer expose John Edwards for the fraud he was.

    I “think” that the CIA was running guns. I “think” that “everyone” in the District of Corruption decided to cut their losses and leave this American hung out to dry. I “think” that this is disgraceful. And, HRC and BHO44 are up to their elbows in this one.

    Maybe HRC showed some backbone — and wants to be President — wouldn’t go on the Sunday shows with the administration’s fairy tale.

    Major butt covering.

    I want the “truth”. And don’t tell me I can’t handle it. Cause I “know” it; I just can’t prove it to the Sheeple and the Clovers.

    The Republic has been lost to two corrupt parties.


  2. Rob says:

    I don’t recall anyone demanding to know where Reagan was when the Marine barracks in Beirut was blown up. What was Roosevelt doing when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor? What difference does it make? None … because that is a political question, not a policy one. This is the world we live in now — media and real. (Meanwhile the R is content not to have a Secy. of Defense. Who gets interviewed about that? Not the D.)

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