RANT: America’s new sweetheart has a tough lab

Saturday, January 5, 2013


A marketing whore?

That’s a little “hard”.

Is that like a man is assertive and a woman is bitchy?

You have to admire that her net worth reportedly jump about 165M$ in the last year. And, that’s what they know about. Her merchandise sales and tie ins fly under the radar.

She’s really the successor to Reba who succeeded Dolly.

The only question is can she sustain it.

The stuff that I read says that there are 2 year transitions early in the “star career” early between 14 and 21. Then they begin to lengthen until they finally become decades. Cites of successful transitions are Betty White, Liz Taylor, Jodi Foster, and Madona. Cites of unsuccessful are Jenna Elfman, Lindsey, Pink, Barbara Striesand, Jane Fonda, and on and on.

It’s a tough business and the public is fickle.

I’d cite Lady Kazan, who technically had a better voice than her contemporary Babs, but lost out. Judy Collins succeeded over Jody Mitchell but couldn’t make the transition form Folk music to the Beetles.

I feel bad for people with a gift who’s gift for whatever reason can not make the leap. “Starving artist” is a cliche.

At the very least, someone like these people must “make hay while the sunshines” because at any minute the music can stop and they are left without a chair.

I think the thing that I admire most about a Taylor Swift is that she “knew” what she wanted to do so early in life and had the huevos to go for it. She sounded “sad” when she said she wanted to go to college but made a decision to forego it to pursue her career. Her “stones” came out when she passed on the record deal from RCA. (Wonder who, if anyone, got fired for that?) And, she had the chutzpah to sign with a start up record label as their Number One artist.


Shows me the nerve of a cat burglar. The savvy of a NYC three card mote dealer. And the Noblise Oblige of some one who’s living their dream.


Sometime beauty makes to weep for what you are not.



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ADMINISTRIVIA: PIcking up a lot of followers

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Interesting in that follows from WordPress are other bloggers. Don’t really understand it. Have a lot more followers than readers. Maybe my stuff provides a springboard for someone to write something different. Strange. 

GUNS: Why DID everyone sneer when the NRA suggested protecting schools?

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Number 703, December 30, 2012 
“Put some nice, long, jaggedy teeth in the Bill of Rights”


Would SOMEBODY please explain this to me?

Let me preface this by saying I don’t support the NRA. They do more harm to the pro-gun movement by collaborating on the creation of gun laws. I do not support public schools. I believe them to be liberal indoctrination stations, little more than state mandated jails for the young. It is the duty of parents to provide for the education of their children, not to simply surrender control of their children for 8 hours a day to union-backed imbeciles. I home school. I am not a christian. I am, in fact, an agnostic at most, an atheist more likely. I am the type of Libertarian the Libertarian Party hates. I am vehemently in favor of eliminating 99% of gun laws. So, now you know where I stand. I am NOT going to discuss gun ownership here. That is fodder for another article. Arguments over whether people should be permitted to own guns are off topic and will be deleted. Stick to the question asked, please. Feel free to answer the polls, and explain your answers in a comment. Now, to the question I need answered.

Would someone PLEASE explain to me why it is an evil thing to suggest we need armed guards in all public schools. Please note- I don’t necessarily mean POLICE guards. Just trained, armed guards. It can be teachers, janitors, volunteers, security guards from private security services, or even National Guardsmen doing their 2 weeks a year. We do not have a problem with armed guards in banks and armored cars. We don’t have a problem with armed guards at our courthouses and public buildings. We don’t have a problem with armed guards at our airports. But we DO have a problem with armed guards protecting our most valuable possessions~ Our children. I am an armed American. I have a CCW. I have training in the use of firearms, in proper concealed carry, and when NOT to use a weapon. I paid for it myself, because I feel it is necessary if I am going to carry. I got the training years ago, when I lived where it was not required to get a license to carry open, and easy as hell to get a CCW. Now, where I currently live, I needed nothing but a Hunter Safety card and references to get my CCW ( which is more than I think is permitted under the 2nd Amendment, but I digress). I carry quite often. Even though I homeschool, I would volunteer a day or two a week to stand guard over your children. I wonder why so many of you consider this somehow abhorrent. Our money, our court system, our government buildings, and our president are somehow more worthy of the expense of protecting than your children are.

Please tell me why!!!

Neale Osborn

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Beats the hell out of me. Works for the Isrealis, and they live in war zone. Seems like common sense to me!

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