NOTHING LEFT TO LOSE (An Index Card Novel)

# – # – #

In recent history, very few counterinsurgency wars have ended in success. Guerrillas, outgunned by a wealthier invading power, but they do have an advantage. They are fighting on their home turf, which they usually know much better than the invader.

# – # – #

The old wife died of “systematic malpractice”. Her “quality adjusted life expectancy” didn’t warrant the medicines she used to have. Just one more casualty of the President’s new “health care for everyone”. Everyone as long as you weren’t old and chronically ill.

The fat old white guy decide that was just not right.

# – # – #

He was a graduate of the finest Ivy League school. He happened to have the right roommate at Harvard. Hence he was the “Healthcare Sub-Czar for the Northeastern Region”. It was the beginning of eliminating the inconvenient States of old. He had a palatial home, a huge corner office, and lackeys galore. All he had to do was balance the income versus the outgo. It was easy. He had a list of services with a running total of cost. He just drew the line and God help those below the “waterline”.

# – # – #

The fat old white guy read the newspapers. It was not hard to replicate the DC Sniper’s set up. It wasn’t hard to find a home address. It wasn’t hard to find a good place to lie down. It wasn’t hard to sanitize the apparatus. It wasn’t hard to wait for a windless day.

# – # – #

It was a glorious morning. The Sub-Czar had done such a good job drawing his line that yesterday he was select to be promoted to Czar. He walked out his front door where his chauffeur was patiently waiting. He took a deep breath as was his usual practice.


He wondered where the truck backfire was coming from. He felt a pain. He looked at the shocked driver. His vision blurred.

# – # – #

The fat old white man walked away.

In a jogging suit, he looked like the typical fat breathless runner trying to catch up with his lost youth. Obviously struggling to catch his breath. If the President could win the Peace Prize, then he should have gotten an Academy Award.

He wondered who was the current sub-Czar in charge of … …

# – # – #

The Israeli Government of Ariel Sharon is, like its predecessors, committed to the policy of assassinating individuals who it believes pose a threat to its citizens.

In 1976, President Ford issued Executive Order 11905 to clarify U.S. foreign intelligence activities. The order was enacted in response to the post-Watergate revelations that the CIA had staged multiple attempts on the life of Cuban President Fidel Castro.

According to an October 21, 2001, Washington Post article, President Bush in September of last year signed an intelligence “finding” instructing the CIA to engage in “lethal covert operations” to destroy Osama bin Laden and his al Qaeda organization.

# – # – #

The fat old white guy needed no “policy” or “executive order”. No team. No “cheerleaders”. No co-conspirators. No nobody. Just one man truly acting alone. He just evened the score.

# # # # #

(This is a fictional story. And, not an indication of any type of activity that should be engaged in.)


# # # # #

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