GUNS: Fort Hood is a gun free zone?

Updated November 10, 2009
Time to Put An End to Army Bases as Gun-Free Zones
John R. Lott, Jr.

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For the safety of our soldiers and citizens, we hope that this simple fact about the Ft. Hood attack and the role that gun-free zones played in allowing yet another multiple victim public shooting becomes part of the news coverage itself. The political debate about guns would be quite different if even once in a while a news story clearly explained that there has been another multiple victim public shooting in a gun-free zone.

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I don’t understand. Like arming the commercial air line pilots, don’t we trust these guys? Hard to imagine a worse outcome. Terrorists and criminals don’t observe laws; honest people do. For that, we give them a death sentence.

But, then you know I want to arm the school principals, janitors, and teachers.

The gun is just a tool to dispose of varmints — two legged and four legged.

I trust my fellow citizens. Don’t you?

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