GLOBAL: End of the American empire?

Going bust: The end of an age
By Bernie Quigley – 10/14/09 09:50 AM ET

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We might consider thinking about the benefits of regionalization, because if the U.S. economy is to contract and consolidate, it might contract within a matrix that makes for better packaging than the internal world-without-walls we have now. Does northern New England really need four farm colleges? One might work better. We might begin to think about tax spending and tax breaks to encourage naturally occurring regional cultures and regional community tier economies. We might feature farming where there are farms and factories where there are or have been factories. Because life in the city is different than the hills and prairies and one size does not fit all in temperament, personality, culture and economics.

And we might begin to ask ourselves, How did we get to where we are? What do we want to be? What have we become?

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Would seem that we have to hunker down. Get “small”. And, maybe secession is a good idea to do that?

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